In national transport we work practically in the whole peninsula, our most important areas are:


•  Madrid  •  Barcelona   •  Basque country  •  Andalusia


Being our base in Andalusia in the province of Malaga we try that the return of our trucks is made joining Barcelona, Madrid and the Basque Country with Andalusia mainly to Malaga.


We usually collaborate with other companies, which due to their geographical location find it more difficult to travel to Andalusia.


The main destinations for International Transport are the countries of the European Union, especially:


•  Great Britain   •  Holland   •  Belgium   •  France   •  Italy   •  Portugal


We are specialized in full loads and groupage, in some cases with groupage in export of more than six downloads at destination.


We work for some of the most important companies in the Horticultural and Subtropical products sector.


Great Britain is a country that in recent years has increased the export of Spanish horticultural products.


The main destinations are:

London, Spalding, Evesham, Birmingham, Boston, Porsmouth, etc


The usual departure from Spain (Malaga) to Great Britain are usually several vehicles on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday using the Eurotunel from France.

Holland is a country that we are constantly campaigning in, the main destinations are:


Rotterdam, De Lier, Barendrecht, Venlo, Breda, De Meer, Gravenzanden, Maadijk, etc.


The frequency of departure would be from Spain (Malaga) numerous trucks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the expectation of giving the best service to customers.

Belgium is a country that we usually go to, it is the transit country to the Netherlands, as merchandise in groupage is Brussels, the area of greatest downloads for our customers, together with the Antwerp area.


Many of our returns to Spain are located in the area of Antwerp and Kallo to the Basque Country and the area of Barcelona.


We look for possibilities of collaboration with companies for returns from this area.




France is the country of the European Union with which we work the most, our main destinations are:


• Paris • Perpignan •


The departures from Spain (Malaga) to Perpignan and Paris would be every day of the week, with numerous vehicles joining the French capital with Malaga, giving a fast and quality service to our customers.

A country that we regularly go every week is Italy whose main destinations are:


• Milan • Naples •


The departures would be from Spain, Málaga or Almería, on Mondays or Tuesdays, to Italy, Naples, every week.


We want to see the possibilities of working more in this area.

A very important destination in the months of September to November is Portugal, usually we go to destinations such as:


• Lisbon • Santarém • Porto •


The usual departure from Spain (Malaga) to Portugal would be every day of the week necessary to serve our customers, with the direct returns to Malaga.






National and international transport services in Málaga. The Cotravelma Transport team has extensive experience in the sector, which allows us to provide an "Individualized Service" for each client, suited to their needs.


Most of our vehicles have a "double driver" which gives us greater speed and reliability in the delivery of the goods, providing "Added Value" to our customers in its Supply Chain, improving the "Efficiency in Logistics Management" and its Traceability ».


We are currently in an implementation process to obtain the IFS logistic Certification, always trying to continuously improve the company.


All this has made Transportes Cotravelma one of the most competitive companies in the sector in Andalusia, offering an excellent quality-price ratio that satisfies our customers.



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